Marketing campaign for this cool iced coffee brand, aimed at the Gen Z and Millennial market.

Arctic Coffee are a producer of delicious iced coffee, made with fresh milk from their dairy in the heart of Devon. Their delicious flavour range and affordable price tag make them the perfect pick for the Millennial/Gen Z market.

When we partnered with Arctic Coffee, our brief was to develop a new concept style to cater to their target market, which meant creating a design that was fun, quirky and cool. They wanted to build on their brand awareness, and become the go-to iced coffee for 18-35 year olds. 

Our design also needed to translate across several campaigns throughout the year, primarily the huge summer festival market but also point of sale assets and magazine or DOOH adverts.

Our concept combines youthful slang headlines in a funky 3D font with fun and quirky hand drawn-style illustrations to create a modern and eye-catching set of visuals. We paired this style with either lifestyle photography or images of the cartons themselves, on bright coloured backgrounds.