Brand identity, logo and website design for a research institute who deliver ground-breaking research into robotics and artificial intelligence.

The National Nuclear User Facility for Hot Robotics (NNUF-HR) is an EPSRC funded facility to support UK academia and industry to deliver ground-breaking, impactful research in robotics and artificial intelligence for application in extreme and challenging nuclear environments. Hot Robotics has four partners: University of Bristol, University of Manchester, National Nuclear Laboratory and RACE. They required a brochure-style website to promote their facilities and equipment to researchers.

Previously, researchers in academia and industry would have to visit the premise in person to view the equipment and arrange a booking, the aim was to bring this all online in one place, making it as easy as possible to browse available equipment, see details and book, as well as finding out more about the facility as a whole.

We created a main Hot Robotics brand identity which also incorporates the individual partners, but these have their own branding too. The brief was that the identity should be visually striking, clean and contemporary. Our logo design is based on thermal topography. We’ve applied this styling to the website too, creating a recognisable, unique and relevant brand.