A modern refresh of the charity’s DM pack to inform disabled people they could be eligible for the Motability  Scheme.

Motability is a national charity who provides invaluable support to disabled people across the UK by providing them with transport solutions via the Motability Scheme. Established in 1977, their vision is that no disabled person should be disadvantaged due to poor access to transportation. The Scheme allows disabled people to exchange their disability allowance for a new car, Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV), scooter or powered wheelchair. This in turn gives them equal opportunities and independence, which is why the Scheme is so important.

We were approached by Motability because they needed a complete refresh of their existing DM pack, which is sent out nationwide to recipients of PIP or DLA allowance to tell them they could be eligible for the Scheme. The current design was tired and dated, and Motability wanted a fresh, modern approach which reflected the work they do more accurately.

Our concept utilised bright colours and speech bubbles in a dynamic way to make the leaflet appear personable and friendly. We split the content up to make it more digestible and interspersed the text with testimonials, imagery and iconography to make the leaflet easier to navigate. 

We then paired this with a completely overhauled letterhead, which ensures the key contact information is highlighted. The overall feel of the assets is friendlier, softer and more playful, bringing the pack much more in-line with the Motability brand with the aim of increasing responses.