Abstract, 3D marketing materials for Unite Students’ 2019/20 Rebooking campaign.

For this year’s Rebooking campaign, we decided to go for something a little different from other Unite campaigns we’d produced. From scamps, we developed a range of 3D illustrations using lifestyle objects within an abstract space to really focus on the benefits of living with Unite Students.

We also wanted to highlight Unite Students brand promises and our designs really worked on not only the printed materials, but when brought to life in animation form too.


Head of Marketing

"Dirty Design really captured what we were trying to achieve for this campaign and what is essentially, our biggest sales campaign of the year. The creative for both on and offline is innovative, impactful and has really resonated with the students. The focus is not only on rebooking but also promoting our brand differentiators and service commitments which are of great importance to Unite Students and our customers."

Below you can see our process in creating these abstract visuals, starting with old-school hand drawings and developing all the way through to 3D rendered illustrations. Being able to show common rooms and bedrooms in an abstract way helps promote different properties and their facilities whilst still being appropriate for a national campaign.