American road trip inspired visuals for the annual check in, check out and rebooking campaign.

We’ve worked with global student accommodation company Yugo for several years now, collaborating with them on various promotional materials and property branding exercises. We were tasked with creating a versatile and recognisable identity for this years ‘Turn’ campaign which covers the annual reoccurring movement of check out, check in, and rebooking.

We presented concept ideas and the team opted to go for the theme of “Road Trip” as it tied in nicely with their overarching tagline of “Live your best life”. Stylistically we took a look at classic Americana style road signs, bringing to mind the quintessential US road trip vibe complete with a camper van. This design could then be rolled out across branded merch for the property teams, posters and social posts and a board game which students could play in order to win prizes.